What to do if after drastic weight loss skin sags? How to return skin elasticity?

The loss of 5–10 kg of excess weight can pass for the skin unnoticed, but if you managed to lose 12 kg and more, you cannot avoid its sagging and loss of elasticity, which will take a lot of time and effort to restore. What to do to return her toned look and former tone?
The speed with which a person gained weight and with which he lost it can be a decisive factor in combating the loss of skin elasticity. And even if it seems that only plastic surgery can help, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself. The first step is to provide skin cells with water. To minimize the appearance of sagging skin after weight loss, you can use a reasonable and balanced diet.Consumption of fats is minimized, there is more protein foods and foods that contain the maximum amount of liquid - vegetables and fruits. During the day you need to drink 8 cups of plain water.
But such measures will not allow to achieve 100% skin toning. A dense layer of tissue under it, that is, muscle mass, can be formed only through daily training. This recommendation applies to all people who follow a strict calorie restriction plan and lose some of their muscles along with fat. It is necessary to add strength training, work with dumbbells and resistance training equipment. In addition, daily clean the skin with a scrub. It can be prepared at home. Such a tool, together with a contrast shower and a hard washcloth, will cleanse the skin of dead skin scales and will contribute to its regular renewal.Good performance has a scrub based on sea salt.
Make it a rule to use lotion or skin cream. The most effective possess anti-stretch and cellulite. And in the circles of stars and models it is customary to add a mummy in them in the ratio of 1: 4. Regular rubbing into the skin of the mummy in the composition of the cream will increase its tone, increase the elasticity of the coarsened areas and eliminate manifestations such as stretch marks.Massage will help tighten the skin after a strong weight loss. You should not spare money on a good specialist, with him you can choose the most effective cream that will allow you to recover in the shortest possible time.In the massage cream, you can add essential oils of citrus - orange, lemon or grapefruit.
You should not stop at what has been achieved when the first positive results appear. The restoration of the skin is a long process, it is necessary to use all the means available in the arsenal, such as wraps with algae. If you can not sign up for this procedure in the spa, you can prepare a wrap at home. To do this, seaweed, for example, kelp, soak in hot water for 30 minutes, apply to problem areas like a compress and cover with plastic wrap. Wear warm underwear and go under the covers. Perform this procedure daily. All you need to do at least 6 sessions.

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