What to do if the child is naughty in the store

Not all parents manage to leave the child anywhere to go shopping alone. Often the child has to take with them and at the same time be ready for possible consequences in the form of whims, requests to buy something, or even real hysterics. Often, psychologists advise not to respond to the provocative behavior of the crumbs, not to allow him to manipulate you. Such tactics are gradually bearing fruit: children understand that being naughty is pointless, and sooner or later cease to behave this way. However, this tactic requires steel aging parents. In order not to waste your own nerves and not cause inconvenience to others, try several methods of dealing with the whims of children.


Agreeing with children about the rules of conduct in the store can be much earlier than it seems to many parents. This is one of the elements of proper education.Preliminary talk will take a lot of time. A simple explanation of the rules of behavior at the door of the store, of course, will not have any effect. It can be early conversations about how parents make money and spend it, how adults are upset by the bad behavior of a child in a store, how ugly children look from the side during whims. All conversations should be conducted in a calm tone, so that the baby can feel that they communicate with him on equal terms.
In addition, you can find or invent fairy tales in which children are naughty in the store, and in the end it all ends badly. No less effective will be games that simulate such situations.
So that the child is not naughty in the store, agree with him, for example, that you must buy him one thing, while specifying the price and size. If the baby does not yet understand the money, offer him a small gift yourself in advance. It is better if there is a certain choice of two or three items: so even a very small crumb will feel that he has been entrusted with the decision.


Turn shopping into a game. Give your child an “important” task: for example, help a mother search for a certain product, put it in a cart, weigh it.Ask him to count how many items are already in the basket, and how many are still left in the shopping list. Put the child in the trolley-car and play with him in the improvised game “navigator-driver”. By the way, from such a cart, the baby will be worse seen goods on the shelves.
If the child is small, prepare to go to the store in advance. Take with you a small package, which will contain various interesting, but unfamiliar things to the kid. Many children are interested not only in toys, but also in fully grown objects. Your treasure pack can include anything: gum, a glowing ball, an empty bottle with beads poured in there, drying, pieces of fruit. Try to make sure that all items are from different categories: noisy, bright, edible, interesting. Let's give the crumbs all the things in turn, he can spend a few minutes studying each of them, and in the end you will have time to quietly make purchases.

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