What to do if the parents of the girl have no money for the wedding

Who pays for the wedding

Traditionally, wedding expenses are shared by the parents of the bride and groom. In most cases, each side contributes half the amount, but there are exceptions. For example, the groom's parents can purchase furnishings for the apartment of the newlyweds, and the bride's family will pay for the wedding banquet. The future husband is obliged to purchase rings (wedding and engagement). The bride�s wedding attire is usually her parents, but much depends on the budget of the celebration.

When deciding who will pay for the celebration, we must not forget about the material situation of the parties. If one of them is provided much better and plans an expensive celebration, you can not force the family of the future spouse to spend an equal amount. To avoid misunderstandings, it is better to resolve the issue immediately after the proposal, at a very early stage.

What if there is no money

My daughter is getting married - for loving parents, this day will become a real holiday. However, it may overshadow the financial issue. If the parents of the girl have no money for the wedding, you can choose one of the following options:

  • organize a more modest ceremony with fewer guests;
  • postpone the solemn celebration, limiting the official registration of marriage;
  • to transfer the celebration and save money by joint efforts;
  • take a loan.

Many girls dream of a royal wedding with a luxurious dress, a diamond ring, a crowded feast and a honeymoon trip to exotic countries. However, in the absence of funds, it will be necessary to descend from heaven to earth and organize a celebration within budget. For example, in the summer it is worth holding a wedding in nature. A country cottage, a bank of a river or a lake, a picturesque meadow in a forest will do. This format does not require a fluffy dress and stiletto heels, it is better to limit yourself to a light flowing outfit. Instead of expensive restaurant snacks, you should apply vegetables, fruits, kebabs or grilled fish.

If the parents do not have enough money, you should not spend the whole budget on a luxurious dress.Instead of buying a dress from a famous designer, you can purchase a simpler and more practical option, suitable for the theme of the celebration. A good idea is to rent a dress. Special firms offer outfits in different price categories and suitable accessories.

Another option is to save on services. It is necessary to search among relatives and acquaintances, it is possible that one of the friends takes good pictures and owns video shooting and video editing skills, the bride's mother bakes amazing cakes, and the best friend can make bouquets and make beautiful hair styles. Friends and relatives with creative abilities can be entrusted with the role of toastmaster and presenter, entrust them with the compilation of a playlist for the celebration and dance or the decoration of the hall for the wedding. As a result, the initial estimate can be reduced by half without loss for quality. If the girl's parents cannot deposit money, they should be worried about finding good and free helpers. Sometimes this economy-wedding is very successful, but it will take more strength and nerves to prepare it.

Some couples experiencing financial difficulties decide to dissolve in time official marriage and solemn events concerning the creation of a new family. Today it is not considered bad form.Only parents and witnesses can be called in for registration, and the main celebration can be organized in 6-12 months, choosing the ideal date. To create an atmosphere, you can organize a symbolic exchange of rings. A delayed wedding will provide an opportunity to accumulate the required amount without incurring debts.

Future spouses can take the basic financial costs themselves. Do not force the bride's parents to get into loans with which it will be difficult for them to pay. It is much better to take a loan yourself, having precisely calculated the budget of the celebration. Guests need to make it clear that gifts are worth giving money, it will help to partially offset the costs.

Sometimes the parents of the groom and the future husband himself take all the costs for themselves. In this case, the family of the bride should show the maximum delicacy and reduce the list of their invitees so as not to burden the wedding budget.

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