What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

The days on the eve of major Christian holidays have long been considered special, and almost as many signs, rules and traditions are associated with them, as with Christmas and Baptism itself. The custom on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord to perform magical rites and guessing came to us through the centuries from the era of pre-Christian Russia, when people celebrated Kolyada on January 7, and 19 was the last day of the Christmas holidays. Our contemporaries who study the traditions of the Russian people and are engaged in magic claim that Christmas Eve before Baptism and the evening before Christmas are really special days. At this time, the line between our and the other world is thinning, and prayers, conspiracies and questions about the future will surely be heard by higher powers. But what to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas,so as not to anger the higher forces and enlist their support for a whole year, and what are they doing on the day before Epiphany? Which divinations on January 6 and 18 are the most accurate, and can one guess on the evening of January 18?

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

What to do and how to behave on Christmas Eve before Christmas: traditions and signs

About what to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas, to attract happiness and prosperity to the house, the signs of our people speak in great detail. Earlier in Russia, people observed a number of conventions and rules, ranging from the intricacies of cooking on Christmas Eve and ending with observations of the weather and the behavior of animals on that day. Some of these signs and rules are forgotten today, some of them are completely inappropriate for residents of modern cities, but still there are signs that come true in modern people.

Will take on January 6 set, and the most useful and interesting of them are the following:

  • If it snows on Christmas Eve, then next year will be fruitful
  • If you start dinner earlier than the first star lights up (and the fast ends), you may be unhappy
  • If on the eve of Christmas erase or clean the house or yard, in the coming year will be forced to do a lot of dirty work
  • If the kuti for dinner on Christmas Eve turned out delicious and lush, then in the family all year round there will be peace and prosperity
  • If you light a fire in the courtyard (or candles in the house) after the first star appears in the sky, you can bring good luck into the house and receive a blessing from the higher powers for a year
  • If on the eve of Christmas the domestic dog howled, you can be in trouble (you can defend yourself from harm if you immediately release the dog from the leash and say “it doesn’t hold your leash, so you could not resist my famously”)
  • Good deeds made on Christmas Eve will return a hundredfold.

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

What not to do on Christmas Eve

Over the centuries, the people have noticed that people who committed certain actions on Christmas Eve, then have been plagued by misfortunes and misfortunes for a whole year. Therefore, an unwritten collection of prohibitions and warnings concerning conduct on January 6 was collected. And according to popular beliefs, in order not to anger the higher forces, on this day it is impossible to do the following:

  • Do some dirty work (wash, clean, take out the garbage)
  • Spin and weave
  • Cut hair
  • Lend food or money
  • Swear, argue and foul language
  • Sit at the table in black clothes.

Folk fortune telling: What to do in the evening on Christmas Eve before Christmas

The time after dark on Christmas Eve in Russia was considered the best for fortune telling. On what to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and what popular divinations to use to find out the name of the betrothed, get an answer about whether the next year will be happy and what to expect in the near future, people knew from an early age. And young girls, and married women, and even some men wondered on Christmas Eve.

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

But most often, girls and women are guessing on the night of January 6/7, and most of the fortune-telling concerns relationships with men and personal life. But also on Christmas Eve you can guess for the future. Professional fortune-tellers and forecasters say that if on other days of the year an ordinary person is unlikely to get an accurate and reliable answer to his question, then on Christmas Eve almost any girl can successfully tell fortunes.

Simple and accurate divination on Christmas Eve for women

Ways to guess on Christmas Eve, a lot. Some of them are quite complex and require the use of objects of old life, while others are quite suitable for modern conditions.And here are the most simple and well-known folk divinations for the night before Christmas:

  • Divination for a betrothed. After the first star appears in the sky, the girl needs to hang out a bunch of keys from her house by the window, and she herself should sit near the window and wait. If she hears someone quietly shaking a bunch of her keys, then this year she is destined to get married. At the moment when the sound is heard, the girl can ask how her future bridegroom's name is, and she will be answered.
  • Guessing for the future on the fir branch. It is necessary to take a spruce branch in your hand, hold it over a lighted candle, and then say 12 times “El Queen, mother of all trees, live for a long time or wait for my death; wealth or poverty, treason or loyalty? " After reading the plot you need to put a branch under the pillow and go to bed. If by the morning the needles remain in place, it is to well-being and health, and if they crumble, to illness or bad news.
  • Divination by desire. This divination is suitable for those who have a cat or a cat living at home. To find out whether the desire will come true or not, you must first carry the animal beyond the threshold of the room, and then, having said the question out loud, call for a purr. If the cat crosses the threshold with the left paw, then the dream will soon come true, and if the right one - on the way to the desired - there will be complex obstacles.

Magic on the eve of Christmas: what to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas to attract happiness (conspiracies and rituals)

The night before Christmas is filled with the special magic of the birth of a new life and a very strong and clean energy, so it is very important to know what to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and what kind of plots to read for happiness and well-being. The magic words spoken at this time have a special power, and our ancestors believed that it was on Christmas Eve that you could conjure up happiness for the whole coming year.

Here are a few plots that can be read on Christmas Eve before Christmas.

Plot for luck, read 3 times:“The Bethlehem star shines in the sky, joy proclaims to the whole world. The baby Jesus was born, the child is born, the happiness for the world is awakened. That great happiness will touch me, in the new year luck will never turn away from me. I will be happy, the servant of God (name), I will be lucky in all things. Amen".

The plot to protect against trouble and bad news, read three times - before the Christmas dinner, after dinner and before bed:“On a bright night, on Christmas night. A great miracle is accomplished on earth, Jesus Christ is born into the world, appears in the world, all people are saturated with his grace.Divine grace will fall on me and the servant of God (name), protect me from misfortune, protect me from evil eyes, defend from evil damage, everything that is unclean and unkind will fly past me. ”

Rite of conspiracy to wealth. After dinner, the whole family gets together and each family member puts in a clay pot a coin from his pocket or purse with the words"Money to money. Money is coming. We give money to the dog, the dog brings money to us. May it be so. So it will be.Then the pot should be filled with wax and put in a secluded place in the house.

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

The rules of reading plots on Christmas Eve before Christmas

In order for the conspiracies pronounced on the eve of Christmas to work, you need to follow a number of simple rules for reading them. These rules are as follows:

  1. Speak the plot by heart, not read from paper
  2. Read the plot specified in the rite number of times, and in case this information is unknown - 3, 9 or 12 times
  3. All words to pronounce clearly and clearly
  4. Read the plot only with pure thoughts, do not wish anyone evil
  5. During the pronunciation of magic words clearly represent what you want.

What to do on January 18th on Christmas Eve before the Baptism of the Lord - Christian traditions

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

January 19 - the day of the Baptism of Christ.According to Christian belief, on this day, John the Baptist baptized the Savior in a river, and therefore the water on January 19th, the water in all natural waters acquires healing properties. Not only Baptism itself, but also its Christmas Eve is important for believers in the day. Therefore, it will be useful for Christians to know what to do on Christmas Eve before Baptism and what traditions should be observed.

Both popular beliefs and representatives of the clergy assert that on January 18 it is important to remember such traditions and rules:

  • On the eve of Epiphany, it is necessary to cook it with kutya and divide it among all family members, and give the rest to your pet.
  • After supper on the eve of Epiphany and before January 19 the holy water is brought to the house, nothing can be eaten
  • Women on Christmas Eve before Epiphany can not do dirty work, as well as wash and rinse clothes
  • On the night of January 18/19, you need to pray and ask God for your dearest wish, and then it will surely be fulfilled.
  • Before dinner on Christmas Eve you need to light the candles in front of the icon of John the Baptist, and then the whole family to pray to God and ask for his blessings.

In addition to Christian traditions, there are also folk signs about what to do on the eve of the Baptism of Christ. For example, our ancestors in the evening of Christmas Eve got cold in the house and offered him a treat, believing that in this way they would protect the crops from frost. And the girls on January 18 and 19 were guessing at love and fate.

What can not be done on January 18, according to Christian canons

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

According to the canons of Christianity, on Christmas Eve before Baptism, believers should be moderate in food and behavior. On this day, do not do the following:

  • Arrange noisy parties
  • Drink alcoholic beverages
  • Make an attempt to look into the future through divination
  • Scandalize, quarrel and foul language
  • Eat animal food.

What the Orthodox are doing on Christmas Eve before the Lord's Baptism: Is it possible to guess the evening of January 18?

The day before Baptism, according to Christian tradition, is considered the day of fasting and spiritual cleansing, so January 18, you need to spend time for prayers, and also go to church for service. At dinner, the whole family should gather at the fasting table and thank God for his mercy.

On the question of what Christians are doing on Christmas Eve before Baptism, and whether they can guess on this day, we can give an unequivocal answer: they devote this day to strengthening their faith and praying to the Lord, and remember the church’s ban on divination. For believers, attempts to look into the future on the eve of Epiphany, as on other days, are taboo.

What to do on Christmas Eve before Christmas and the Baptism of the Lord

Features divination in the days before the big Christian holidays

Although the church prohibits divination on Christmas Eve before Christmas and before Baptism, only Orthodox Christian Christians adhere to this taboo. In the XXI century, like centuries ago, many girls do not ask themselves whether it is possible to guess on January 6 and 18, but try to find out their destiny in a variety of popular ways. Moreover, the signs and traditions of the Russian people are entirely on their side - the mystical knowledge that the eves of big holidays are the best days for divination for the future, originated more than 500 years ago. Finding out what to do to predict fate and lure luck and prosperity into the house on Christmas Eve before Epiphany and Christmas is not difficult - you can find dozens of rituals and fortune telling on the eve of these winter holidays on the network.The only thing that should be remembered when deciding whether to read fortunes or read plots is the bright magic of winter holidays that will help only those whose intentions and desires are pure and sincere.

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