What to eat to forget about insomnia?

A healthy sleep is the basis of a full life, beauty, health and vivacity. When people visit insomnia, the quality of life noticeably decreases, because the physiological needs of the human body simply do not have time to recover.

Insomnia leads to disruption of some systems in the body, causes fatigue and lack of vitality. The chronic form of this disease can cause severe mental disorders, cause disruption of the respiratory system and lead to uncontrolled sudden movements of the body during sleep. All these consequences can be avoided by normalizing your lifestyle and nutrition.

Causes of the disease and methods of treatment

The most common causes of the disease are:

  • disturbance of a mode of falling asleep (daily departure to a dream at different times, night shifts at work);
  • chronic stress;
  • emotional overexcitement just before bedtime;
  • intense mental or physical labor at a late hour;
  • the initial stage of any disease;
  • malnutrition.

Eliminating the immediate cause of insomnia, you can very quickly normalize your condition. It should be mentioned that the basis for quality sleep is the correct metabolism: this process occurs in normal mode only with a healthy diet, and therefore, you need to pay attention to your daily menu. It is possible that the body is disturbed in order to allow bacteria to proliferate, which are beneficial.

The cause of the sleepless state may be any violation of the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, since it is the intestine that helps the nutrients to be absorbed and absorbed into the blood. In this case, fiber-rich foods such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts can help normalize insomnia.

Also a source of coarse fibers are turnips and pumpkin, fresh greens and carrots, as well as celery. From fruits it is better to choose plums and apples, and, moreover, peaches or nectarines.

If you add bananas and grapes to the menu, you can fully meet the need for carbohydrates, starches and fructose - these ingredients are necessary for good sleep,contribute to the development of a special neurotransmitter - serotonin: it allows you to calm the nervous system and normalize the work of the respiratory system, which ultimately will affect the smooth and quiet falling asleep.

If sleepless nights are not uncommon, it is best to choose the following products: sweet cherry, cherry and cherry plum. They are the natural sources of the sleep hormone called melatonin. It is best to eat them in small portions 30-40 minutes before bedtime, without mixing them with another meal.

You should also not drink them with water, as this will adversely affect the treatment of the disease. By the way, even baked potatoes will help in the fight against the ailment, since the beneficial carbohydrates contained in it absorb acids that prevent the normal production of melatonin.

Features of the healing diet

Knowing how to eat for insomnia, you can eliminate all signs of its manifestation. It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Try to stick to the same de day regimen and nutrition. As a result, the body will get used to the set routine and will fall asleep "by the clock". Any failure in the daily mode knocks down the work of all systems of the human body, which, by the way, affects not only the lack of sleep, but also the rapid deterioration of the most important organs.This often leads to various diseases and premature shades.
  2. It is necessary to think over your diet to the smallest detail, so that every day the elements and vitamins necessary for the body are present in the food. In addition, it is important to remember that the digestive organs need periodic rest: a hearty dinner will be a serious obstacle to falling asleep. It is best to eat well before going to bed, but at the same time hunger should not be felt.
  3. At dinner, it is recommended to prepare foods that are quickly and easily digested and do not burden the digestive system. Well, if it will be vegetables or fruits - meat food is subject to long digestion, and therefore not suitable for dinner.
  4. It is necessary to refuse caffeinated beverages at night - tea or coffee.

Before going to bed for good sleep it is recommended to drink warm milk (no more than a glass) - it contains tryptophan, which helps in the fight against insomnia. To him you can also add a teaspoon of honey, not only for taste, but also for better absorption.

Strengthen the nervous system will help thiamine, or vitamin B, which is contained in sufficient quantities in brewer's yeast, buckwheat, cereal bread, as well as nuts and legumes.In addition, improve the condition will help lettuce, which contains substances that affect insomnia. It can be used as a decoction, filling a teaspoon of seeds with a glass of water. This mixture is brought to a boil and boiled for 12-15 minutes, then filtered, cooled and eaten.

Another very effective tool is tea from anise seeds. To do this, 0.5 spoons of raw materials are placed in a heated saucepan, poured hot boiled water and infused for at least 15 minutes. After that, the broth can be consumed, and for a better action, a little honey is added to it.

Immediately before going to sleep it is not recommended to eat sugar-containing food - as a rule, it leads the nervous system into excitement and thus does not let it fall asleep. So that at night you do not have to wake up for the toilet, it is better not to use too much liquid for the night. A glass of water will be useful in the morning - it will help to recover and start the work of the digestive tract.

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