What to wear with a pink sweater

Before deciding, with a pink sweater, it is necessary to determine in the company with which shades this color is overwhelmed most attractively.

Classic and original colors

Two tones have become most popular - the color of fuchsia and the shade of tea rose. Both are perfectly matched with neutral black. Only in the second case of the dark should be a bit so as not to overshadow the delicate pale pink shade.
Stylists unanimously recognized gray as the best "partner" of pink. In the combination of these two shades, they see a foggy English morning, and a romantic Parisian atmosphere, and unique Milanese motifs. In general, gray + pink = a win-win.
Being interested in the question what color is combined with pink, you should not lose sight of white. First, it is the best background for gentle pastel tones. Secondly, it will refresh any image, making a woman youthful. Especially love the combination of pink and white young girls.This combination gives the skin a healthy shade.
Of the unusual combinations stand out: pink with blue, pink with purple, pink with yellow. With such combinations it is worth refusing from accessories that can bring disharmony into the image.
Reflecting on the color that goes with pink, the designers came to the conclusion that it looks great with red. This is quite a bold palette, which is best used for evening dresses.

Perfect “look”

So what is a pink sweater to wear to look elegant? The simplest classic version is black pants and a fuchsia pullover. Gray leggings are more appropriate for a pale pink sweater. It is possible to add a similar dress with silver ornaments.
Fresh stylish idea - to replace a pink sweater with a white shirt. For example, with a strict suit instead of a banal blouse, you can wear a gentle strawberry pullover with a sleeve.
For schoolgirls, the perky skirt of the “flute” of a pastel shade — gray, pale yellow, beige — and a pink sweater would be a great option.
Those who crave unusual bright combinations will like the ensemble of black velor shorts, pink sweater and purple waistcoat.
A pink knit sweater with voluminous details looks great in the company of pale blue or blue straight jeans. By the way, the freer style of the pullover, the more should be the pants.
In a popular combination with a pink sweater with a sleeve ¾ a white shirt and a tartan skirt fell. You can also wear a beige blouse with a small floral pattern under a pullover with a deep V-neck.

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