What will happen after the end of the world?

Vladimir Kulinich
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What will happen after the end of the world?

End of the world. How often this phrase sounds lately! Some people believe that it will inevitably come very soon, some doubt that it will come at all ... The Scripture says that �no one knows a day or an hour� when this will happen (Bible, Matthew, chapter 24).

What will happen after the end of the world, if it does happen? If this is a global catastrophe, then surely after it comes the so-called "nuclear winter". When it ends, all living things are likely to be reborn, except for people.

Opinion of scientists

According to scientists, there were already such �ends of the world� on Earth that lasted for several million years. The first began about 2 billion years ago, the second about 800 million years ago. Bacteria, which appeared on the earth 200 million years earlier, were able to withstand a sharp cooling, because they were near underground sources of thermal waters. Then on Earth it warmed up, the ice covering the planet melted in places, and the waste products that created these bacteria began to react with methane in the atmosphere.As a result of the mutation of bacteria, blue-green algae appeared, and the oxygen that they produced began to destroy the Earth�s atmosphere very quickly, which at that time consisted of methane, which allowed the temperature to rise. Finally, 600 million years ago, the first multicellular populated the planet.

If this is a blow of a sufficiently large meteor or comet about the Earth, then at best 90% of all people will die, and at worst everything will be the same as many millions of years ago.

Such a fragile planet

If there is a strong release of the energy of the Sun, which reaches the Earth, then when this happens, the Earth will be like Mars, which we see in photos today.

But these are natural disasters, but after the intervention of the human factor, for example, nuclear war, nothing living will be able to be reborn for a very long time on the radioactive Earth.

But do not be sad about this today! It is better to quickly realize your dreams and plans, because life is so short and, as it is not sad that it will be after the end of the world, whether we will not know or will know only after death.

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