When the hands from the right place, or where to draw ideas for reworking the usual things?


Still, I do not for good reason always say: "Great power is the Internet." As it used to live without him, it is already difficult to imagine! As thanks to him, we can share knowledge, ideas, master classes, etc. Thanks to him, we can get acquainted and communicate with each other. Thanks to him we can see and admire what the hands and minds of mankind are doing.

I, like, my hands are not for boredom. But what some are doing is simply amazing! Even not so much that they did it, and how they "got to" before that! After all, practically from improvised materials, which each of us can throw out or put into the far corner, unique things are born that not only facilitate our everyday life, but also delight the eye with its originality and singularity.

I suggest just to see, perhaps each of us will be able to take a note and create something similar for his “nest”.

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