When is the best time to cut hair?

When is the best time to cut hair?

When is the best time to cut hair?

To care for your hair means to systematically cut it. To remove split ends of hair or haircut updates - in any case, all women take scissors once or twice a month or go to a hairdresser to get a haircut. But it turns out that our ancestors did not cut their hair when it came to them, they had favorable days for this, in which hair was best to cut. Some modern women still believe these tips and act in accordance with them and argue that the haircut will be successful only on the right days.


Days of the week, which is better to cut hair



First, and the days of the week are both favorable and unfavorable for haircuts.


On the first day of the week, it is advised to cut and dye your hair, especially if you intend to get rid of the negative potential that has accumulated lately in your life, and if not strange, the negative will leave you with the cut hair.


And if you are tired of the gray everydayness, you began to feel depressed and can not find the strength to solve important issues - then do the hair cut on Tuesday.


And speaking about the environment, then this day it is necessary to cut hair if you want to make a difference in your life from getting to know new friends, traveling and bright events in life.


By tradition, the most auspicious day to cut hair is considered Thursday. You should choose this day, if you are going to improve your relationships with people close to you, achieve career success, attract good luck in your affairs.



When is the best time to cut hair?

When is the best time to cut hair?


Well, on Friday, you need to get a haircut for people who want to change their appearance dramatically. This is the most suitable day, for those who want to change not only one haircut, but also the image as a whole. But if you are satisfied with your appearance, then you can not get a haircut on Friday.


Saturday's haircut will give an opportunity to improve your hair, and besides it will remove a decent part of karmic birth sins.


And finally, Sunday is the only day when you can not cut your hair in any way, otherwise you will chop the wings of your destiny, well-being and luck.But on the other hand, if everything is very bad in your life, then you have nothing to lose, so take a chance and cut it on Sunday - and suddenly fate will turn to you.


When is it good to cut hair according to the lunar calendar?



It is believed that the most reliable method that allows you to decide when to cut hair is better - follow the Lunar calendar. This is due to the fact that in the specific lunar phases (and especially with the full moon) - our hair grows much faster. And it is precisely this phase that is most favorable for all kinds of hair operations. But if you make manipulations with hair at a diminishing moon or, even worse, on a new moon, then there may be problems with hair, expressed in their thinning, loss, and the appearance of split ends. And do not say hello not only to your hair, if you cut your hair at the new moon, then your health can leave your body as a whole. The fact is that in accordance with the beliefs, just the same in the hair and is the whole energy force that feeds us and gives life.


When is the best time to cut hair?

When is the best time to cut hair?


But on the other hand fallen, injured,confusing and brittle hair is best to cut during the waning moon, working from the opposite, so, on the contrary, you can get rid of existing problems with your hair. But they will also grow for a longer time - however, already healthy.



When can not I cut my hair?



In no case can not cut hair on days when solar or lunar eclipses occur, and on the 9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th days of the lunar calendar. The protective power of the body is weakening these days, and with your hair you have the danger of losing vital energy.


In order to correctly determine the best haircut time in 2013, it is recommended to purchase this calendar and look into it before heading to the hair salon.

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