When to plant a petunia on the street

Those gardeners who have tried to grow petunia from seeds at least once know perfectly well that this is very difficult to do, since the seedlings are incredibly demanding to care. These flowers react sharply both to the change of heat and light conditions, and to the frequency of watering, feeding. If the plants are planted too early in open ground, then they can die, the seedlings of these flowers are not cheap, so you should not rush.

When to plant a petunia outside in pots

It is possible to plant petunia on the street when the threat of frost has passed, the average air temperature during the daytime will not be lower than 15 degrees, and nighttime temperatures will be 10 or higher. Usually in central Russia this temperature is set by the end of May or the beginning of June. If you have the opportunity to bring pots home, then you can set the pots with flowers already in early or mid-May (if the outside temperature allows it), just remember to bring the plants home at night, as low temperatures can destroy them.

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