When you can and can not go to the cemetery

When you can and can not go to the cemeteryProbably, each person has at least one relative or friend who has already been buried. People always pay maximum attention to their loved ones. Even after the death of a person, there is a desire to visit his tomb and take care of his peace. But many do not know how to visit the cemetery correctly. There are days when it is possible, and even necessary, to go to the cemetery. And, on the contrary, when it is better not to see the dead.
When you can go to the cemetery:

  • on the day of the funeral;
  • on the 3rd, 9th and 40th day after death;
  • every year on the day the person leaves the life;
  • on the commemoration days - Monday and Tuesday of the week that goes beyond Easter;
  • Meat of the Sabbath, preceding the week of Lent;
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays of Great Lent;
  • Holy Trinity Saturday - the day before the feast of the Holy Trinity;
  • Dmitrovskaya Saturday - the first Saturday of November.

When you can and can not go to the cemeteryWhen you can not go to the cemetery:

  • Orthodoxy does not welcome visiting the graves of relatives on such Christian holidays as Easter, the Annunciation and the Nativity of Christ;
  • Trinity in the cemetery is also not celebrated. At the Trinity go to church;
  • it is believed that you do not need to go to the churchyard after sunset;
  • women are not advised to visit the place of the dead during pregnancy or menstruation. But this is a personal choice of each of the fair sex.

Some sources report that it would be wrong to go to the dead man’s birthday on his tomb. You can just remember him with a kind word. But there is another opinion that such memorable dates as the birthday or the day of the Angel also serve as an occasion to commemorate the deceased. These days you can also invite the priest to the grave. There are also some superstitions and rules of conduct in the churchyard.

How to behave in the cemetery

When you can and can not go to the cemeteryIf you are planning a trip to the cemetery, do not wear clothes of bright colors. The most suitable would be black or white. You can also choose from your wardrobe stuff muffled tones. The legs should be closed: wear pants or a long skirt. Shoes must also be closed. It is advisable to cover the head with a hat or a scarf.
When they go to the cemetery, they behave calmly, without unnecessary emotions. Avoid laughing or crying. Do not swear.
Do not spit and do not litter.And if you want to need, find a suitable place for this outside the territory of the cemetery.
Upon arrival at the grave a positive action will light a candle, remember the deceased.
Do not drink and eat near the tombstone. Have a funeral dinner at home.
Do not step on the graves and do not jump over them.
No need to touch other people's graves, to restore order there, if the relatives of the person buried there did not ask you to.When you can and can not go to the cemetery
In the case when you dropped something on the dead land, it is better not to take this thing. If the fallen object is very important to you, raising it, put something in return (candy, cookies, flowers).
Leaving the cemetery, do not turn around, and, especially, do not come back.
When you come home, wash your hands thoroughly (and it is better to do this at the cemetery), be sure to wash the cemetery ground from your shoes, wash the tools you used to clean the grave.
When visiting a cemetery, each person determines for himself. Of course, to go to such places almost every day is not recommended. But you do not need to forget about your loved ones either. Do as your heart tells you. In a situation where you live far away from the grave of your relatives or simply do not have the opportunity to visit them, but there is a desire to pay attention and remember,go to church and put a candle for the rest. You need to put this candle in the middle part of the temple on the left side.When you can and can not go to the cemetery
It is necessary to know that such candles are not placed in the days of Holy Week and the days of Bright Week. Also in the temple there is an opportunity to order a daddy from the father (prayer for the dead) or lithium (enhanced prayer). You can also pray yourself: read the Psalter or the rite of lithium, performed by a layman.
Under any circumstances, remember your dead loved ones, and when you come to their graves, behave appropriately, because the cemetery is a sacred land, a place of rest for the dead.

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