Where and how to buy bitcoins for rubles: simple ways


Today, many people care about the question: how to buy bitcoin for rubles? After all, it is the most famous and popular cryptocurrency. The capitalization of the virtual coin market is estimated at $ 175 billion, and bitcoin takes up half of this wealth. Until recently, this currency has been distrusted by many, but now it is bought for goods and services, and it makes money exchanges. In this regard, the Internet often can be seen the question: how and where can it be better and more profitable to buy and sell bitcoin for rubles? There are 5 main ways.

Why when buying bitcoins big commission?

In most cases, the purchase of Bitcoin is accompanied by a solid commission. And the reasons for this are fully justified. Initially, the payment system, which is based on cryptography, does not provide for the need for an intermediary organization. Thus, the reliability of the participants does not cause problems. As for the commission withdrawn for conducting operations with Bitcoins, everything is much more complicated here.


On a note! Commission fees in total can reach 15% and more than all for one bitcoin operation.

The reason for the high commission is the lack of control, since the system is decentralized. Due to the shortage of supply and demand, prices for services are too high. The only regulator is the market. Until the system is balanced independently, the commission will be sky-high.

Preliminary actions

Before you buy Bitcoin for rubles in Russia, you need to register a wallet on which the cryptocurrency will be stored. It is more convenient and easier to use simple online services with which you can manage coins from your tablet, phone and other devices. True, no one is insured against hacking. If the scammers take possession of funds from the wallet, they will not be able to return them. And the reason again lies in the lack of centralization. There is simply no place for complaining.


The most famous services for storing bitcoins are the following:

  • Blockchain;
  • Strongcoin;
  • Coinbase.

But this is not the whole list of purses for storing crypto currency. In fact, they are much more.

How to buy Bitcoin for rubles: 5 ways

There are 5 main ways to buy and sell bitcoins in Russia:

  • for WebMoney;
  • through exchangers;
  • on the stock exchange cryptocurrency;
  • through a forex broker;
  • directly.

It is worth considering them in more detail.


Buying bitcoins for rubles when using WebMoney is the easiest and most convenient way. This option also attracts the lack of the need to create a purse for storing virtual coins. The fact is that in your WebMoney account you can register WMX. This is a wallet that is equivalent to BTC.


You can then proceed in one of the following ways:

  • after selecting WMX, right-click, and when the window opens, select "Refill ...";
  • exchange rubles for Bitcoins for WebMoney;
  • make a relevant application in the exchange service.

The second method is the most suitable, because how to buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency will turn out at a more favorable rate.

Buying Bitcoins with WebMoney has one distinct advantage, which is simplicity and convenience. But there are drawbacks. These include a high percentage of the commission and the inability to purchase another cryptocurrency. On WebMoney you can buy only Bitcoin.

Through exchangers

First of all, in each exchanger there is a certain discount after registration.It is quite tangible, and is also cumulative. In other words, the constant use of one exchanger becomes profitable. In addition, it is beneficial for both parties: the user buys bitcoins with reduced commissions, and the exchange service attracts more loyal customers.


Through exchangers you can not only buy, but also sell bitcoins for rubles. When choosing a suitable service, it is important to pay attention to its popularity, and also does not interfere with reading reviews.

On a note! Trust should cause exchange services that work for a long time. As a rule, exchangers with an overestimated commission and unfair work do not stay long.

The most famous are exchangers:

Their good reputation is proved by numerous users, which is confirmed by the feedback. However, there are other exchangers that are credible.

On the stock exchange cryptocurrency

The exchange is a platform where digital currency trading is carried out. Any of the participants has the right to replenish the account and sell or buy a cryptocurrency at a certain price.

On the positive side, the EHEMO Exchange proved itself.At first, only Bitcoin operations were performed on this site, but today it is possible to use other cryptocurrencies.


So, how to buy bitcoins for rubles on the exchange? It is necessary to create a request that in EXMO is possible in the "Bidding" tab, which is located in the user's personal account. The advantage of this method is a relatively low commission. The disadvantages include a limited number of variations replenishment of the ruble account.

Through forex broker

The most profitable forex broker is FXOpen. On his example, the process of buying bitcoins will be considered:

  1. First of all, you need to register a personal account.
  2. Then you need to open a "Crypto" account. It is advisable to use leverage 1: 2 or 1: 1.
  3. Download the trading platform.
  4. Deposit money into your personal account, for which the user is offered a large number of convenient ways.
  5. Buy bitcoins using a trading terminal.

In general, nothing complicated. In addition, this forex broker is provided with reliable protection, as every day it is used by a huge number of participants. The turnover is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. In addition, the developer posted all the necessary licenses in the public domain. These are all the advantages of a forex broker.


But there are also disadvantages, among which it is worth highlighting the complexity of the process for beginners. However, it seems so only at first glance. Having a little understood, it is possible to be convinced, service is how convenient and simple. In addition, he promises relatively low commissions.


The only way to buy Bitcoins for rubles without commissions is directly. Despite the obvious benefits, this option is not recommended. The fact is that he is the most risky. It is not hard to guess about this, it is enough to understand in more detail the upcoming process.


Before you buy bitcoins, you must pay for them. And, most likely, rubles will have to be deposited first. Why so? It's simple: when you make a cryptocurrency, it will be impossible to return it, so it is considered that the buyer risks less. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the bitcoins will be transferred to their intended purpose after the payment. Do not forget that the Internet is a large number of scammers who earn on such transactions. Perhaps, they do not have cryptocurrency. Thus, the use of intermediaries is a more reliable option.Though they take certain commissions, they give corresponding guarantees in response.

If you have to buy bitcoins directly, you must first collect data on the seller, get acquainted with his reputation, to be safe. It is desirable that he led his business long enough. In this case, there will be a lot of feedback, and even negative ones, if he is a crook.


Thus, you can buy bitcoins in several ways. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose any option, you must carefully weigh the potential risks, determine the benefits. It is recommended to perform the operation only after a detailed study of all conditions.

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