Where better to go for a vacation in winter?

For some reason, many people believe that the best rest is summer rest, they say, it is relatively inexpensive and you can warm up in the sun, visit the most remote places of our planet without much hassle and worries.

But now the winter holidays are coming, which suggest long weekends, often at this time people take vacations, since in the summer they cannot be reached and begin to reflect on where you can spend these short weeks of rest.

Winter is a great time of the year, which in its color is not inferior to summer, besides, in winter you can stumble upon a lot of hot tours and trips, and hotels and tourist centers often make considerable discounts at this time.

The main thing is to go to rest with money and good mood.

Thanks to the decline of tourist influx on the New Year holidays, as well as a few weeks after them, you can retire to some ancient but beautiful city of Europe, without running into crowds of tourists, enjoying the tranquility and special atmosphere of these special places.

Experts believe that the winter months are the best time for the correction of health, because it is during this period that the amount of oxygen in the air increases by 10-15%, which is very favorable for outdoor activities.

And according to this - the ski resorts, of which in the winter time a pleasant set will delight you with its service and the pleasant atmosphere of the winter celebration, nature and fragrant mulled wine.

Well, those who like to soak up the rays of the gentle sun should not despair, most tour operators offer a wide range of trips that will take you to exotic beaches overlooking exotic landscapes, which will replace the gray and dull winter days.

Another option is shopping tours, which, by the way, are also provided by many travel companies, most often, they include trips to fashion capitals in Europe, because in winter time begins the season of huge sales and discounts, which make it possible to get a brand thing for little money. Having been on such trips, even the most desperate skeptics will love this sweet affair, because boutiques in the cities of Europe are something unique.

Anytime is suitable for recreation.

So, it is worth noting, though in winter, even in summer - you can always find ways that will lead you to your personal paradise. We will try to list you a list of places where you can go in the winter to rest so that it is inexpensive, you can relax not only as a couple or alone, but also visit the resort with the whole family, including children and parents.


The country-holiday, the country of exoticism and fun, in fact, epithets and comparisons that would fit this place - an immense multitude, go there and find out for yourself what it is. Why do so many tourists love this country?

Yes, if only because there is an extraordinary and surprising combination of exotic antiquity and the power of skyscrapers, contrasting poverty with unprecedented wealth, excellent service and simply unforgettable places and beauty that will remain in your memory for many years.

The most expensive is the flight, but if you do everything in advance or run into last-minute trips, you can meet € 800 per person for the entire trip, and you don’t have to live there: cheap hotels with high quality of service, exotic, but very tasty food, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

In Thailand, the year round is about the same temperature, but the climate is clearly divided into three seasons, the most comfortable and successful for a Russian person is October-February, when the air temperature stays within 25 °.

The most important thing is to choose the right place of rest, because Thailand can be different: if you want to soak up the exotic and secluded beaches, then you are on the island of Koh Samui, but Phuket is suitable for active divers. There are also combined trips that combine traveling and relaxing on the beaches.


If you want to go to the sea with a child in winter, then the best foreign option is Turkey. Firstly, this is the absence of a long flight, as is the case, for example, with exotic countries, and secondly, there is not such a large climate change that can adversely affect children's health.

Wonderful place

Another indisputable advantage is that trips to Turkey will cost much less, and the service stays on top. The Turkish winter is notable for its mild climate, it is quite possible that the air temperature reaches 16-17 °, and the water temperature - 20 °. Therefore, lovers of cool sea bathing can open their winter season, who likes more comfortable conditions - can turn to the services of spas and pools, which are located directly on the hotel.

Here, in the hotel, you can find decent animators who can take your children while you are sunbathing or want to go on some kind of excursion, of which there is a huge amount.

By the way, in the same Turkey there are also their own ski resorts, affordable prices and decent tracks have recently attracted more and more tourists.

By the way, at the same time, you can stumble upon popular shopping tours in Turkey, at this time discounts on collections can be up to 80% on branded items.

Ski resorts in the world

If you set a goal to rest in the winter in the mountains, then you probably appreciate winter nature, atmosphere, snow, frosty air, hot cans, and in general - outdoor activities, because there you will not be bored.

If you want to relax in a budget, but with a taste, then we bring to your attention some of the most common and relatively inexpensive ski resorts.

Fun and useful for body and soul

The first is Poiana Brasov in Romania. The main attraction of the resort is equipment that produces artificial snow, so that avid skiers can ride here from the beginning of autumn until the very spring.

Here you can find a whole network of cheap hotels that will delight you with a close location to the ski lifts. The next place is Arinsal, Andorra. The main unusuality lies in the terrain itself - Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world, and the mountain complex occupies almost the entire territory, which speaks of the ubiquitous tourist business.

But if you are just starting your steps in the ski vacation, and even going to go there with the children, then Bohinj, in Slovenia, will be great for you. This resort is one of few, where you can ride on natural snow until mid-April, and the snow here is much more than any other world ski resorts.

Well, if you do not plan to travel far beyond the borders of the country or even want to stay in it, then the best and most prestigious ski resort in Ukraine, Bukovel, will suit you.

Developed infrastructure, modern equipment and lifts, excellent routes and a high level of service will not leave anyone indifferent.

The advantages of recreation in their own country include knowledge of the language, use of the national currency and relative proximity to the capital of Ukraine. The minus is, of course, the relative high cost, because the rest here will cost about the same amount as in the ski resort of Europe.

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