Where in Moscow to buy a laptop?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
February 28, 2013
Where in Moscow to buy a laptop?

The need for a laptop today for a long time is not talking: most users prefer this type of computer. The question is in the choice of manufacturer and place of purchase. After all, the same model, depending on the place of sale, may differ in price by several thousand. We will tell you where in Moscow to buy a laptop and not lose the choice.

For a start, we mention the well-known hardware and electronics stores, such as Eldorado, M.Video, Auchan, and so on. True, in the thematic forums reviews about the product of these networked gladiators are not always positive: users of the “laptops” complain about the fragility of the models. But it is in such stores that good discounts are not uncommon, so if you are chasing the price, then during the promotions period you should at least go and ask the price. Now about those sellers who have a direct market share in the sale of laptops.

  1. Chain stores "". The addresses of all outlets can be viewed on the official website of the company.It offers customers models of all popular brands: Aser, Aple, Asus, Dell, Samsung and many others. Only 35 items. Agree, rather big choice. In addition, the site has a department "Sale", where models are exhibited with a discount of more than 2 thousand rubles.
  2. Shop company "". Address in Moscow: SAD. Warsaw highway, 132, office number 120. Official site of the store.

Here are cheap laptops in Moscow, as the company specializes in PC repair and equipment sales. On the site you can choose the right brand at a very modest price. Especially popular with consumers are online stores selling laptops. As a rule, they offer goods at lower prices than at retail outlets. There are a lot of online stores in Moscow. Most common among users:

  1. "". In assortment, the goods of more than 10 manufacturers, with a very wide price range: from 7 to 80 thousand rubles. For customers offer and gift certificates, and discounts, and making a purchase on credit.
  2. "". Also quite popular online laptop shop in Moscow. It is in demand among consumers due mainly to its range and prices.Here, in addition to laptops, you can purchase related products, accessories, printers, filters, and so on.
  3. "". Here to find a laptop under the force of those who are looking for a cheap option. In the section "Cheap laptops" models are presented at a price of up to 10 thousand rubles.
  4. "". In addition to new models, presented laptops used. Moscow is Moscow, and not everyone has the money. The price range is wide, and on the site itself is a very convenient search system for the required model.
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Have a good choice!

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