Where is the mosque of Omar

Mosque Omar - one of the main shrines of Muslims. Attraction is located where previously was the famous and majestic temple of King Solomon. Its decoration is the impressive size of the golden dome, at the top of which is a crescent. The dome is a symbol of the sacred rock, in particular the top of Mount Moriah, according to legend, it denotes the center of the world.
The Mosque of Omar (Al-Aqsa Mosque) was erected on the Temple Mount, where the second Jewish Temple was previously, Caliph Omar, for Muslims to pray. In 745, it was damaged due to a strong earthquake, Abbasid al-Mansur was engaged in its restoration. Somewhere in 1035 a modern look of a mosque was created. In 1100, the Crusaders took Jerusalem, who converted the mosque into a Christian temple. But in 1188 the crusaders were expelled from the city, and the shrine again became owned by the Muslim people. For the time being, the chapel of Zechariah remained from the crusaders, and also the knight’s hall in the western and eastern wings of the mosque.
The mosque of Omar is not only a significant Muslim shrine, but also one of the most important and beautiful architectural monuments in the Middle East. The mosque is quite large in size, 80 m long and 55 m wide, its shape is octagonal. The central gallery of the building is supported by columns, as well as six side galleries. The entrance to the mosque is opened by seven front doors and four passes from the ends. The ceilings in the galleries and the spherical dome are lined with mosaics. Outside the walls are decorated with blue tiles, and the dome is covered with aluminum leaves, which have the color of gold.
Inside the column it is as if they divide the mosque into three circles. In the middle is a shapeless block made of white limestone, it is the shrine of the Solomon’s temple. Under it there is a cave, into which it is necessary to descend along eleven steps. On the ceiling of this cave there is a hole, from which the blood of animals sacrificing blood flowed. The mosque has an impressive basement, which is called the “Solomon stables,” at one time the knights of King Solomon kept horses here.
According to the established tradition, Muslims who make pilgrimages bypass 7 circles around the sacred rock.It must be said that the mosque of Omar is a no less revered place for people of other religions. Christians and Jews also come here, but the entrance is not always open to them. On holidays, revered by Muslims, as well as on Fridays, only representatives of this religion can get to the monastery.

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