Where it is better to rest in October, where to go in October, the countries for rest.

We rest in October.

We rest in October.

Where better to rest in October?



What to do if your long-awaited vacation fell in the fall, where to rest in October? Of course, you can spend your well-deserved weekend sitting at home and cursing your boss, but there is a more productive option!


If you are allowed to finance, then the end of October will be better for you than the brightest summer days! What the topic of finance was open to: you will not rest in the domestic resorts in October, everywhere autumn reigns in all its glory, cold, wet and inspiring depression and apathy in human hearts. To go on rest it is necessary abroad, moreover - as it is possible more close to equator.


So where to go on vacation in October?



Where in the middle of autumn you can relax better than in summer in Sochi or the Crimea? The equatorial and subequatorial regions of our planet will suit you completely: there, especially in coastal countries, there is a much milder climate. Warm, like fresh milk, water and a fresh whiff of ocean breezes - what you need!However, there are a lot of places where to go in October. What country to choose for the October visit? We will understand together.


Popular countries for recreation:


1.      Australia.

Australia is located much south of the equator, but this is not a hindrance. You can choose the destination of your voyage Sydney - the capital of Australia, but in October it already becomes cool. If you want warmer conditions - move north, closer to the equator. Wild Australian beaches and warm waters of the Pacific await you!


2.      Algeria and Tunisia.

Algeria will also be a good enough solution for those who want to relax. This country in North Africa will allow you to enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the Atlantic. Warm climate and warm welcome guaranteed. The same can be said about Tunisia.


3.      Brazil.

Also in October, it is recommended to visit Brazil. In South America, there is a break between the season of continuous wild heat and the season of endless downpours. Warm climate, warm ocean waters and hot South American girls will brighten up your October vacation.


4.      Hawaiian Islands.

Holidays in the Hawaiian Islands, under the auspices of the United States, will also have to your liking! It is as if you will plunge into summer, being in the world capital of windsurfing and plunging headlong into the romance of staying in the center of the Pacific Ocean!


5.      Israel.

Israel resorts are also looking forward to guests. In October, the so-called “dry season” begins in Israel - the sky will be clear and sunny, which will allow you to enjoy the resorts of the country in and out.


6.      Cyprus.

Cyprus is also famous for its warm atmosphere and warm water. Truly a recreational zone - here you will come across every excursion on every step, which will brighten up your leisure time, diluting your trips to the beach with new impressions!


7.      China.

On the east coast of China, you will also find warm resorts and the opportunity to swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. The only thing that is bad: you can prevent numerous annoying tourists. October China is one of the most desirable destinations for tourists around the world.


8.      Morocco

Continuing the African theme, one can not forget about Morocco. Arriving there in October, you will not stumble on beaches dotted with tourists. In October, Morocco marks the end of the swimming season - there are already few people, but the water is still very warm.


9.      Madagascar.

If you want exotic and wildlife, then the best way to relax in October is a flight to Madagascar! This will be an excellent alternative to other warm autumn resorts.The island state in October is not overpowered by incessant rains, so if you have long wanted to go there - this is a great chance!


10.  Thailand.

Another country famous for its warm climate and cheap accommodation on its territory. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist countries with exotic cuisine and a host of other piquant ways to relax. If you decide to go to Thailand, then it is better to do it “savage” - to rent a house on the coast will be no more expensive than living in a hotel room ordered by a travel company. You can relax in October in Thailand, both together, and one - there is a thriving sex tourism.


11.  Tahiti

And if you are not afraid of crowds of tourists from all over the world, and you want to enjoy the true bliss of paradise on earth, then you should go to Tahiti. October is the last frontier in those regions before the heavy rainy season.


12.  Seychelles.

Lovers of exotic and new sensations will appreciate the resort area of ​​the Seychelles. What can be a warm, dry climate, when around - only the vast expanses of warm ocean waters?


In general, the choice of where to go on vacation in October is up to you.

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