White gold wedding jewelry for the most special day

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Ask any bride, and she will certainly confirm: the wedding image should be thought through to the details. Starting from candles and flowers in the decor of the room and ending with the finest details of the outfit. Won't the cape ruin the beads on the dress? How to get a haircut on different photos? Is it convenient to keep such a heavy bouquet for a long time? Will not it be clearly superfluous 12-centimeter heel, despite the fact that he is damn fine? Before the cherished day, the brides, like at school, are engaged in addition and subtraction: something is added for showiness, and something is removed for the sake of convenience, without which it is impossible to have fun at your own celebration.
In this collection, we collected if not the most important, then certainly the most inspired details of the wedding image - jewelry. Just imagine that even years after the holiday,when you already fall out of love with a wedding dress and present it to someone, and throw your shoes away after the first ceremonial party, decorations from that day will remain with you for a long time as pleasant memories of the romantic moment they experienced.

Gold ring with sapphire and diamonds

Engagement ring - an indispensable decoration at the wedding. We found the option at the junction of the classics (white gold and diamonds are unchanged!) And originality. For the last meets the romantic heart shape and tiny pink sapphire surprise.

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