Who is a sanguine person?

For many people studying psychology, and just interested in it is important to discover for themselves such a term as "sanguine". Who is this in psychology? ita person who radiates cheerfulness, a smile does not leave his faceand who seeks to be the center of attention. This is a brief description of sanguine men and women. And he develops a hectic activity, because he does not sit still. But is it really a sanguine person? The characteristic of this type of temperament will help to deal with the question and learn all about the sanguine.

Determination of the type of temperament "sanguine" in psychology

Sanguine is one of the four types of temperament proposed by Hippocrates. The father of medicine suggested thatone of four fluids prevails in the human body - yellow bile, blood, lymph or black bile. Accordingly, Hippocrates identified four types of temperament:

All of them differed in types of response to situations of the outside world, had their own distinctive features.

the definition of the type of temperament - sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic - is now not something complicated

What is temperament? This is a set of psycho-physiological characteristics of a person that remain constant throughout life. Temperament is called the basis of character.What is the nature of the sanguine person? He is credited with certain features and characteristics.

Sanguine: temperament type characteristic

I.P. Pavlov described in his own way the types of temperament, although he left the names suggested by Hippocrates.Sanguine, according to Pavlov, this man is balanced, strong and mobile.

This means that a person with this type of temperament is not prone to depressive experiences. If we talk briefly about the nature of the sanguine,It is easier than other types of temperament to cope with problems, endures the turmoil. They can not be bothered by the fact that something went wrong on the chosen path. Sanguine will look for ways to change the situation if the goal is important to him. If it is secondary, then its achievement becomes unattractive for the sanguine person. Therefore, he easily throws the case started and takes on a new one if he feels that it is more interesting or more promising. From here we conclude that the sanguine person is not constant.People with this type of temperament are called superficial, windy.

The sanguine or sanguine type of temperament is an unrivaled ability to adapt to any situation.This is given to them, thanks to the ease of character and the ability to be at ease everywhere. Sanguine people also quickly converge with people.They like to communicate, have a wide range of friends.

Sanguine people can enjoy life and get satisfaction from seemingly ordinary things. These people travel, attend events that can leave behind bright impressions. They love life and are usually optimistic and extroverted.

girl sanguine. If we talk briefly about the nature of a sanguine person, then this is a positive person with a smile that does not come up from his face, is active and creative.

Simplest test

Do you know your type of temperament? Are you a sanguine man? Answer the test questions.

  1. Do you consider yourself an active person?
  2. Are you easy to make decisions?
  3. You are not afraid of change?
  4. Are you a frivolous person?
  5. Do you like to communicate with other people?
  6. Do you have a lot of friends?
  7. You do not like long wait?
  8. Are you a workaholic?
  9. Do you like creativity in all its manifestations?
  10. Is your mood changeable?
  11. Do you notice a superficial attitude to things and events?
  12. Usually you are in a good mood?

If you answered yes to at least 9 questions out of 12, your temperament is a sanguine person. If there are 6-8 positive answers, then you have a mixed type of temperament (for example, you are both a sanguine and choleric at the same time). If you have answered “yes” to 3-5 questions, some sanguine features are inherent to you.If yes you answered less than 3 questions, then, rather, you are closer to the temperament of phlegmatic or melancholic.

Mixed types of temperament are common. It is rare to find a pure sanguine or melancholic.

Interestingly, sanguine children are different from other babies at a very early age.

Children sanguine

What kind of temperament the child will be endowed with, it becomes clear in infancy. The little sanguine person is mobile, curious and open to the world. He diligently explores everything around him, everything is interesting to him, and in this search the child tries to enlist the support of adults. The baby needs support and approval to develop harmoniously. He reacts to the emotional manifestations of the parents and clearly feels them, but the small sanguine person himself is very emotional. And if he receives parental support, then joyful manifestations prevail.

sanguine children show temperament traits from early childhood

The child-sanguine is mobile. He likes to play, run, frolic. The kid does not sit still and constantly involves his many friends in the amusement.

In the peer collective, the little sanguine becomes the soul of the company.And age is not so important: in kindergarten, and at school, and at the university, and then at work the situation does not change. Such a person exudes friendliness, he is cheerful and can tell a lot, and therefore with him is interesting.

The cognitive interest of a small sanguine person is the key to successful learning. Such children are happy to discover the world around them, explore it and learn quickly. Science is given to sanguine persons easily, as, by the way, and creativity. The picture of the world in such children is positive, colored with bright colors. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw or express your emotions in the musical interpretation of sanguine persons. The creative abilities of these inquisitive and cheerful children need to be developed, and this is the concern of parents and sympathetic teachers.

What professions and jobs are suitable for sanguine people?

Friendly and open sanguine persons choose professions related to activity and communication. They become artists, singers, TV presenters, educators, politicians, discovering in themselves the scientific potential.

Sanguine persons are responsible and efficient, many of them are workaholics. They achieve the tasks set in the service field, and therefore become successful and occupy management positions.

Butsanguine people do not like to perform monotonous work, and frequent change of activity is just for them.

Angvinics choose professions related to activity and communication, even if it is the profession of an artist, it will not be a lone artist

Famous Sanguines

Examples of famous people of sanguine people from the past are difficult to bring; nevertheless, some psychologists have been able to identify sanguine people among the world famous people who lived in past centuries, relying only on their manuscripts, work or work. These are Marcus Aurelius, Francois Rabelais, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Honore de Balzac, Mikhail Y. Lermontov, Maria Skladovskaya-Curie, Mark Twain.

Description of temperament sanguine introvert and extrovert

We have already figured out who such a sanguine person is, now it remains to combine this type of temperament with another personality characteristic - the psycho type. An extrovert is an open, sociable person, focused on the environment, and not on the inner world. An introvert is a person immersed in his inner world more than an extrovert. Based on these definitions, it is easy to imagine an extrovert sanguine person, but how are things with an introvert sanguine person? To answer this question, let us recall that a sanguine person is not necessarily oriented out, the important distinguishing features of a sanguine person are cheerfulness, optimism, an active character.

Friendship and personal life

What sanguine friends in friendship? They are open and friendly people with leadership abilities. They have many friends and acquaintances, because they want to communicate with such personalities. Sanguine is a collector of impressions and fascinating stories, and he is ready to share them. It is not surprising that there are always plenty of listeners.

Sanguine men easily make new acquaintances. Approaching a stranger and talking to them is easy.

In the same timereally close people at sanguine little. This is due to the superficiality of this type of temperament. Due to the frivolous nature of the character, the sanguine person may forget about the promises made to others. And this forgives most friends, but not all.

In his personal life, sanguine persons are impermanent. In their youth, they give birth to novels, and without a twinge of conscience sever relations, if something goes wrong. And since the sanguine person is a star, he has enough admirers.

If a person with such an open and cheerful disposition starts a serious relationship, his other half should prepare for the fact that there will not be so many quiet family evenings. Sanguine does not like to sit on the spot, he intentionally surrounds himself with people, and he just appreciates parties and just friendly gatherings with the company more than quiet home comfort.

A brief description of sanguine men and women is as follows: they are cheerful and sociable.

Family is important for a sanguine person, but the inconstancy of character and hobbies is a serious obstacle that not all people with this type of temperament can overcome. Workaholism is another reason why sociable sanguine people are alone in their personal lives.

As you can see, even such a bright and cheerful person can not always find happiness. And he is not perfect, but the sanguine person has many advantages.

How to communicate with sanguine?

  1. If your goal is to like a sanguine person and forge friendships or friendships with him, you need tosurprise him more often.
  2. Get ready for the fact that he will communicate a lot and often, anddon't limit it. As you remember, sanguine persons are very active and incredibly sociable.
  3. And the sociability of the sanguine person will apply not only to you or, for example, his mother.He will communicate with almost everyone in your environmentsuch is his type of temperament.
  4. People with such a temperament are frivolous and do not like excessive depth in any matter, thereforeDo not "download" them with your problems.
  5. Sanguine distinguishes from other typesmobilitytherefore, if the best weekend for you is watching TV shows with buns, and the best vacation is all inclusive in Turkey, you are unlikely to become best friends.

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