Why are hair split?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
February 6, 2013
Why are hair split?

Well-groomed hair is the pride of any woman. However, many can not cope with such a common problem as split ends. Let's see why the tips of the hair split?

The outer part of the hair is the keratin sheath. Her horny scales fit snugly together. The natural lubricant secreted by the sebaceous glands forms a protective fatty shell. When it is damaged, keratin scales begin to flake off. The scientific name of the problem is trichoptilosis, i.e., brush-like longitudinal splitting, in which the ends of the hair are stratified into several parts and look lighter.

Split hair: reasons

The most common causes of trichotilosis are external. The palm here belongs to improper care, i.e., what we do with the hair ourselves.

  • The use of aggressive detergents: degreasing shampoos, alkaline soap; hard and chlorinated water.
  • Not the last role is played by combs: hard combs, brushes (especially metal ones), as well as combing wet hair.
  • Drying and styling with a hot hair dryer, winding the strands on tongs and hair curlers, ironing.
  • The use of styling products that promote breakage (hairspray).
  • Frequent experiments with dyeing, especially resistant paints, and chemical perm and straightening.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Being in the sun and in a solarium without a headdress, not using funds with a protective factor in the summer.

Physiological causes

Often the state of health affects the reasons why hair splits.

  • Unbalanced diet, leading to a lack of vitamins (especially A, E, PP, group B) and trace elements (zinc, silicon, calcium).
  • Insufficient use of clean water.
  • Diseases of the liver and digestive organs, in which there is a violation of the absorption of useful substances and fats.
  • Infectious diseases that disrupt the activity of the body.
  • Wrong regimen, lack of sleep and physical activity.

You can properly deal with this trouble.

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