Why are you unlucky all the time?

Remember all

Do you remember how the teacher punished you for the whole class - did you not appear at school without red cheeks? Or maybe you classmates after this incident also stuck a shameful nickname, which yuzali all and sundry, up to the senior classes? Then they jumped at the top of an important conference, they were disgraced by their trembling voice during the performance, grunted and choked at the first important date, or one day the emotions were opened with love lyrics to a guy who, as it turned out, you do not like at all. What a shame, what a horror! And every similar situation that happens in life with primitive deja vu repeats itself, leads to a stupor: it has already been, has already become obfuscated, again something terrible is looming ... At the same time your consciousness is working on the scheme of displacement - it is not a shovel, on the shelves, but because if you yourself think that remembering how you specifically fucked up is more important than positive emotions, then the brain will automatically decide that this "shame" should be kept forever.

Why are you unlucky all the time?

Forming uncertainty

In fact, there is no pathological bad luck; a person himself makes it pathological when he carefully cures, sorts out his memory, and from time to time he again “lives” all the failures. We are naturally pure, naive, and good-natured, and, among other things, incredibly open to this world and people. But constraint becomes a certain price for living in an environment that pulls a maturing person by the strings, like a puppet, forming a feeling of guilt in him. “Well, what do you eat soup like a pig!”, “Everyone will look at you, this is a very important speech - look, don't forget the words, don't disgrace me!”, “Can you not hiccup so loudly? This is indecent! ”- these and similar“ innocent ”comments of parents, teachers, trainers are forced to fix failures and twist their“ shame ”on the repite in their heads. Colorful epithets, emphasizing our "unworthy" behavior, and the subsequent punishment in the form of an obligatory condemnation of those around us force us to complexes. And the complexes, in turn, entail uncertainty and low self-esteem, which subsequently make us "mess" up to infinity.

Pathological bad luck is a trainer running around a hamster, which stops only under the influence of its own belief in itself


Another reason for the constant bad luck lies in the dislike for yourself, which forms the habit of “getting along” in a person. It seems to the person that everyone uses it, allows himself to be treated disrespectfully, nobody puts him in anything - and does he really treat himself with all his heart? Bypass three stores in complete fatigue after a long day's work, when the legs from calluses barely drag, just in order to buy a yogurt ten rubles cheaper, and another cucumber - for fifteen. Forbidding yourself to think about the brightest purse simply because it is not very practical, but for the sake of a couple of exits to go bankrupt is nonsense! Or sincerely believe that everyone remembers your fiasco at that conference and a year later they are still discussing with laughter, passing on each your bone behind your back - you are directly reading their malicious smiles in your direction. And you also think that the whole world is against you, because you have not earned it yet, you have not worked with an overabundance before asking for a raise, you have not lost weight, because the cool guys do not look at you - and, in general, the bodypainting was invented by lazy people! In fact, you do not love yourself, so why should the world treat you differently? After all, you are sending signals to it as you can and must do: nedodali itself - will not, and others.

Why are you unlucky all the time?

Only we ourselves, no matter how banal it may sound, form our reality.

If you are a queen in your soul, and your soul also sings constantly, you will be in life even where you’d see how, well, it’s unrealistic to push, push, charge and win

Moreover, the practice of life constantly demonstrates that the people around us treat us potentially better than we ourselves. They do not notice as much as our voice trembles at the performance, they do not see that we have a nose with potatoes, and even more so they don’t know that we are so modest that it’s not even worth trying to succeed in anything. From your internal stresses, insults and logical chains of bad luck to others, in fact, it will not be hot or cold. So why then so much strength to lose to the careful storage in the memory of the facts of his constant bad luck, when you can spend the energy to finally become lucky!

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