Why beautiful women are so often alone

Whatever women's magazine is open, we are always advised to be beautiful, and then the rest of melodious epithets like “successful”, “happy”, “beloved” and everything in this spirit supposedly follow themselves. But here is a paradox: beauty can serve us in a bad way, moreover, both in the professional field and in personal relationships.

A very beautiful woman is often taken lightly in a collective, not accepted into her circle, or is completely harassed. And what problems in this regard can arise from beautiful girls in a relationship? At first glance, it seems to us that this is exactly the case when you can say proudly: “All the men are at my feet” - and choose the best one out of many, but in fact, external attractiveness is the real obstacle, if you looking for a relationship, not love for a photo from Tinder for one night. Why is beautiful so unlucky in love with serious intentions?

On the beauties flock "wrong bees"

The more beautiful and seductive a girl is, the greater the chance that she will attract to her those men who are solely beautiful, seductive, and only such girls hunt. For such men, “catching up” is like catching a wave for a surfer or for a skater to jump over the curb. In other words, extreme sports with all the ensuing consequences. And since, fortunately, there are many waves in the world, as well as borders and beauties, it probably will not be too long to examine the inner attractiveness of a girlfriend.

Why beautiful women are so often alone

Beauties get used to a certain type of boyfriend

This conclusion follows from the first point: a beautiful and sexually attractive girl who is accustomed to increased attention to her person from self-confident active men, ceases to perceive all other categories of men as promising or to judge them more harshly than “hunters”. Men who are interested in relationships, an exercise for a pickup called “You must make an indelible impression on her” usually do not know how to give out as brilliantly as the “hunters” do, and amid the latter remain in the eyes of the beauty unnoticed.

Lack of sexual signals puzzles beauties

If the “hunters” from the first minute make quite clear compliments and quickly translate the interaction from just socializing to active seduction, then men seeking relationships prefer to “warm up” slowly, like an electric stove, and first get to know the interlocutor closer. To the pretty woman, such a passive approach seems to be proof that she is not interested in this subject, which means that she can be sent away.

Why beautiful women are so often alone

Pretty women don't think too much before they say, “Let's better be just friends.”

They are spoiled by attention and, like children whose room is littered with toys, do not value any one of the hundreds, they also do not want to waste time trying to figure out a person, and instead, those who are not up to the ideal are quickly placed in "Friendly zone". According to the idea of ​​beauty, this is not the end at all, but the exit to the bench, from which a man can theoretically return and surprise her, but for this man himself it sounds like a clear “no” or as a signal that she has a whole list of those who want .

Babes at some stage just get tired of men, both bad and good

The abundance of attention, which in practice turns around the fact that you are interesting to everyone, but at the same time is not dear to anyone, does its job, and at a certain point comes the “overeating”. At this hour, even a home hamster seems sincere and kinder than any male creature, because you have seen so many idiots in pursuit of beauty that you stop trusting everyone at once.

Why beautiful women are so often alone

Almost everyone has offensive prejudices on the subject of beauties

And absolutely everyone, but to varying degrees: the good guys, the bad, and the grannies on the bench, and the lead Malakhov. All around consider that if in front of them is a beauty, then she most likely already has someone - a rich fan, a secret suitor or someone who can hit very hard even for a slight flirt. It seems to everyone that the beauty is certainly a stupid girl who decided to compensate for the lack of intelligence with her long hair and full lips, so there will be nothing to talk to her about. And do not even fit to try! And finally, everyone is confident that the beauty does not want a serious relationship, but revels in its attractiveness and will choose a man until some billionaire chooses to cross the road.

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