Why cabbage leaves turn purple

Cabbage leaves turn purple for several main reasons. All of them are the result of improper plant care or poor environmental conditions.

The reasons why cabbage leaves turn purple and their solutions

1. Very cold outside temperature

This problem becomes urgent when the ambient temperature drops below -5 degrees. As a rule, this happens either in the spring after planting seedlings in open ground, or in late autumn just before harvesting. Cabbage leaves freeze slightly and get a purple hue.

What to do:It’s not worth worrying about it. With the onset of warming, they will become a normal green color.

2. Cabbage lacks nutrients

The appearance of purple leaves can be a signal that the plants lack phosphorus. It is in the absence of this trace element in the soil leaves become such a color.

What to do:It is necessary to feed the cabbage with fertilizers containing phosphorus. For this, potassium monophosphate or double superphosphate can be used. Any of these fertilizers take 50 g and diluted in a bucket of water. Then they water the cabbage under the root, spending 10 liters per square meter. m

3. “Black leg” appeared on cabbage

Violet leaves on plants become harbingers of this dangerous disease of cabbage. It can be shown both on seedlings, and on adult plants. At the same time the cabbage begins to rot from the root system, and only then it appears on the leaves.

What to do:The appearance of this disease may be due to planting density. Therefore, you need to thin out and remove excess plants. It is also necessary to well gnaw the soil under the cabbage. This is done regularly after each watering. Then the soil is sprinkled with dry earth.

With a strong lesion of heads with this disease, they are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. To prepare it, 1 g of the substance is dissolved in 150 ml of water and infused for about 12 hours. Next, they irrigate cabbage under the root, spending 1 l per plant. It is also possible to use special chemicals, such as Fundazole.It is used according to the instructions, taking personal protection measures.

4. Transplanting cabbage to a new place.

Purple leaves may appear if the seedlings are transplanted in open ground or dive from one container to another. When changing growing conditions and can be observed a similar process. In this case, no action should be taken, with time everything will get better.

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