Why can not sleep in front of the mirror

A mirror is a piece of furniture that is present in every home in several copies. Since the Middle Ages, people consider it a mysterious thing. argue that you can not sleep in front of the mirror. Let's see why.

Deviating from the topic, I will add that often apartment owners face a shortage of living space. Solving this problem, they use design techniques aimed at expanding the space, including: the combination of a living room and a bedroom, the use of mirrors and furniture with mirror facades. However, they do not take into account the influence of mirrors on the human body, because signs, beliefs, legends and myths do not recommend resting opposite this element of the interior.

Reasons for the ban

Mirror in the bedroom

After analyzing a lot of teachings, prejudices and beliefs, I managed to find out that no culture in the world welcomes the placement of mirrors in the bedroom, unlike a sofa or a chest of drawers.

  • Aura damage. If a person in the mirror is reflected along with objects with sharp corners, they will damage his aura.
  • Otherworldly forces. Beliefs say that otherworldly forces through the mirrors look into our world. These views are not always characterized by poor energy, but they disturb the calm of the sleeper. This is manifested by irritability, dull mood and poor sleep.
  • Medieval alchemistsbelieved that the ghouls and vampires through the reflections suck out the human life energy.
  • Negative impact on family relations. In the same room is a real couple and its reflection, which can cause betrayal.
  • Soul and Through the Looking Glass. During sleep, the soul goes on a journey, and if a mirror hangs in the bedroom, it will fall into the looking glass and will not find a way back.
  • Parallel Worlds. The mirror is the gateway to the parallel world. A sleeping person starts communicating with otherworldly forces, and to break the established connection, even dismantling the product will not be enough.
  • Source of negative energy. In a dream, a person is subject to the influence of negative energy that can come from a mirror. Such energy will cause a bad mood and well-being.

If every morning you feel strange, and the mood wants the best, the true cause of the ailments, in addition to health problems, can be a mirror in the bedroom. Exit from the situation three - go to the doctor and go through the examination of the body, remove the accessory from the bedroom or curtain it before going to bed.

How to protect yourself from the influence of mirrors

In this part of the material I will share ways to protect against the bad influence of mirrors. With their use, you will protect yourself and attract money and luck to the house.

  1. Do not hang in the bedroom, especially on the ceiling. Acceptable placement on the inside of the cabinet door.
  2. If a crack appears on the surface, immediately throw it away. The cause of the defect may be negative energy.
  3. Keep the surface perfectly clean. Spots, dust and dirt have a negative effect.
  4. Do not hang at the entrance to the house, so as not to scare away luck. When good luck comes to the house and sees itself in reflection, it gives the impression that everything is good in the dwelling and it goes in search of another refuge.
  5. Do not hang opposite each other, otherwise an original corridor will form in the apartment, which in the likeness of the "black hole" absorbs positive energy.

I do not rule out that readers will find the material absurd.In addition, contrary to superstition, many are quietly sleeping in front of mirrors, and this does not bring discomfort. Therefore, dear readers, only you decide whether to place the mirror in the bedroom.

The mirror and its history

Photo of an old mirror

A mirror is a piece of furniture with a large smooth surface capable of reflecting light. The first mirrors appeared in the XIII century and were made of silver, copper or bronze.

At the beginning of 1279, John Pekam described the technique of making a mirror. Liquid tin was poured into a glass container through a special tube, which covered the inner surface of the dish with a uniform layer. After drying, the vessel was broken into large pieces, which slightly distorted the picture, but remained clean.

One century later, a mirror workshop appeared in Germany, and in the early fifteenth century, the Venetians acquired a patent for the production of mirrors, which allowed them to become monopolists in this area for 150 years. In terms of cost, Venetian products were not inferior to mansions or small sea vessels. Only royal persons and nobles bought such things.

The Queen of France, who ascended the throne in the middle of the XVI century, was very fond of reflective surfaces and did not spare money for their purchase.For the sake of preserving the treasury, the finance minister bribed several glassmakers to move to France and open a mirror factory. So, the first factory opened in 1665.

In the Middle Ages, mirrors were destroyed, because it was believed that the devil was hiding on the other side, and with their help the witches called for damage, ailments and hid their secrets.

Nowadays, mirrors are used in interior design, in the automotive industry, photo equipment, and science.

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I will be grateful if you leave your opinion on this in the comments. It would be great if you describe the mysterious events that occurred in your bedroom with a mirror.

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