Why currant degenerates

The reason for such negative processes can serve as an incorrect pruning of currant bushes or even its complete absence. But this situation is not limited to one problem. Other factors influence the rate of ripening, color intensity and size of currant berries. First of all, this is soil fertility, incorrectly carried out agrotechnical measures, adverse climatic conditions, the age of the shoots themselves, the defeat of the bushes with various diseases and parasites.

In addition, different ripening of berries on the bushes may depend on the varietal characteristics. For some varieties of currants characteristic berry overload. In this case, the branches could not withstand such a load, they can not only bend down, but also fully lie down on the ground. These varieties require garters.

For thickened bushes characteristic slow staining of berries, as well as the process of their ripening slows down. Proper and timely pruning of currant bushes contributes to uniform ripening of the entire crop.If the bush is not timely cut, most likely, it will begin to age quickly.

Improper agrotechnical measures in most cases contribute to the development of diseases. Most gardeners practice planting bushes, weeding with hoe. They all forget about finding the roots of currants almost at the very surface of the soil. Thus, such weeding and digging up the root system of the bushes is severely damaged. Significant damage contributes to the deterioration and weakening of the immune system of currants, which provokes the appearance of various diseases. Therefore, such agrotechnical actions should be put aside. It will be better to use the gear hoes, and in the area where there are no slugs, it is advisable to mulch the soil. Mulching will help retain moisture in the soil. As practice has shown, such events significantly change the situation in a positive way. Diseases disappear, and currant bushes begin to bear fruit.

The defeat of currant pests leads to the grinding of berries, as well as the emergence of various diseases, including fungal. A lot of troublesome problems for gardeners are delivered by caterpillars.

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