Why does herpes appear on the lips

Why does it occur and how is the herpes virus transmitted

In fact, there are more than two hundred different types of herpes, with which practically all life on the planet is infected (with the exception of certain types of algae and fungi). But only eight species represent a threat to humanity. The first type of herpes appears on the face as a rash, mostly on the lips. It all starts with a little irritation, which quickly turns into painful small blisters filled with lymphatic fluid. The virus immediately migrates to the nervous system. This type of herpes is the safest and most common.
The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, through direct contact, through personal hygiene items, from mother to fetus. The herpes virus penetrates the mucous membrane and actively bypasses various protective barriers. Then it settles in the nerve cells, where it multiplies and embeds viral particles into the human genetic code.The body reacts instantly and activates the immune defense. It ends with the fact that herpes seeks to retire.
When the protective functions of a person weaken, the virus begins to re-activate and continues to multiply. The virus manifests itself in the form of itchy and painful blisters on the surface of the lips. A large number of people have a congenital form of infection.

Treatment and prevention of herpes

Unfortunately, there are still no drugs that can completely destroy the herpes virus in the human body. But in pharmacies there is a group of antiviral drugs that effectively suppress the multiplication of the virus. Recurrences of herpes, which affect the mucous membrane of the nose or lips, respond well to topical treatment with ointments or creams. In extreme cases, the doctor may prescribe pills. A timely start of treatment is the key to success. Before the appearance of bubbles, there is a tingling and itching, the lips become sensitive. If you begin to treat the virus at an early stage, then a rash can be prevented.
Prevention of herpes is to strengthen the immune system.Try to comply with the regime of rest and sleep, exercise and do not forget about hardening. During a flu epidemic, avoid being in crowded places. Consult a doctor and go through a full examination of the body for the presence of other hidden infections. Independent use of antiviral drugs, antibiotics and immunomodulators can create a number of problems.

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