Why does not start the GTA?

Some users of the game GTA sometimes encounter a problem when the game suddenly collapses or does not load at all. In this case, the question arises as to why the GTA does not start and how to fix this problem.

Let us examine the most common reasons.

Gta_sa.set file

Sometimes the reason for the inoperability of the game is due to the fact that the file gta_sa.set is in the file with the GTA San Andreas game, which prevents the launch of the application. By deleting it or moving it to another folder, you can quickly launch GTA.

Save game

Starting the game can also depend on saving (the so-called saves). If the save was an error, then the subsequent launch will be impossible. To solve the problem, go to the folder with the saves (\ Documents and Settings \ USERNAME \ My Documents \ GTA San Andreas User Files \) and delete them. After that, if there is no other reason, the game should start.

"Weak" personal computer

Installing the game on your PC, you must first familiarize yourself with the system requirements that application manufacturers put forward. If your computer "does not reach" these rules, the game will not start. In this case, you need to install GTA on a more "powerful" device.

System freeze

If for the first time you are faced with the fact that the game does not start, try restarting the personal computer. This action helps to start the game in half the cases. If after this you could not start the game, then you may need to reinstall it or look for another reason.

Reinstalling the game

You can also try reinstalling the game. Perhaps there was some kind of failure. For proper installation, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Remove the game and the Games for Windows client from the PC, if it was installed. Check the Program Files folder (if the applications are not deleted for any reason, delete them).
  2. Download the licensed version of Games for Windows from the official site.
  3. Install the application GTA or GTA San Andreas.
  4. Next, go to the folder with the game and select the file: for example, GTAIV.exe (required with the extension .exe). Click on it with the right button and in the properties select the tab "Compatibility". In the menu that opens, check the box “Run this program in the compatibility system with” and select the system that is installed on your PC. Next, click "OK".

If the program does not start after that, you must disable the antivirus, which can also block the launch.But in this case, the computer may be subject to a virus attack if you do not turn on the anti-virus system in time.

Read more about installing and running the game in the articles:

Reinstall Windows

If no option has led to the desired result, then you need to reinstall Windows. It is worth noting that this is the most radical way that you need to go to if none of the previous versions helped launch the game.

Pirated copies of the game

If you were unable to launch the official version of the game, then you can then use pirated copies that are less demanding of the system and give fewer errors. For example, you can use the site http://torrent3.ru/game-gonki-torrent/18-gta-4-skachat-torrent.html.

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