Why go on holiday to Montenegro?

Traveling is always beautiful, surprising and interesting, and if you are gathered in Montenegro, then you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your rest. And why not, because it is a very small, but cozy country with friendly and open residents who welcome tourists with great hospitality.

In addition, this country is very popular among budget lovers, here you will not find such a wide splendor or pomp that can be found in other European countries, instead - a calm and measured rest alone with the beautiful nature.

Rest in Montenegro is an interesting and, what is important, affordable, as the tourist and hotel infrastructure is still not so well developed there, that it is only good for these places. Connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday on the seashore will definitely be satisfied with their trip to the country, for which the purest Adriatic coast is perfectly responsible.

Family couples with small children like to travel here, as well as those who want to have a good budget break without spending all their savings on the trip. In addition, in Montenegro there really is something to see, that is, holidays in this country are not only beaches and all sorts of "sea" entertainment, but also beautiful architecture, magnificent natural areas, historical monuments and even a variety of active leisure activities.

What you need to know the tourist?

Montenegro is located on the Adriatic coast in southeastern Europe. The capital is Podgorica, where the largest airport in the country is located. By the way, there are only two of them, the second is in Tivat, where regular flights from Moscow, Minsk, Kiev and other cities of the world fly.

You can get to Montenegro either by direct flights or by transfer, for example, in Istanbul or Belgrade. Both airports are well connected by transport links with all the main resorts of the country, so that getting to the necessary hotel or hotel is not difficult, even using public transport.

Another advantage of rest in Montenegro is that you do not need a visa to enter the country, it is easy to go through customs, you can import and export an unlimited number of foreign currency, although too large amounts are better to declare.You also need to know that you can not take out of the country objects and things that are of historical and cultural value.

The climate in the country

Montenegro is famous for its pleasant temperate continental climate, which is ideal for travelers with children, because it does not even need to get used to it, there is simply no acclimatization period. On the coast of Montenegro is always a little warmer than in the central regions, but in the mountains you will be greeted by cool alpine air.

Winter is always short and humid, and summer, especially in the coastal areas, long hot with rare precipitation. The beach season in Montenegro usually begins in mid-April and lasts until mid-October. In general, the climate of this country is often compared with the climate of the Crimea, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Beach holiday

Naturally, most tourists want to visit Montenegro because of its good beach holiday. However, it is not superfluous to know that the beaches here are different: from pleasant sandy and small pebbles, ending with artificial concrete slabs, which, to a greater extent, can be found in the northwest of the Montenegrin coast.

The most popular beach resorts on the Adriatic coast are the Ulcinj, Budva and Boko-Kotor Riviera, which since mid-spring hospitably open their doors to many tourists. In the country you will find beach holidays for every taste: crowded and noisy beaches, secluded coves and nudist zones, as well as paid and free beaches.

Sights of the country

Going to any country, the tourist always has a question, what to see here? Where really to go? Where can I get maximum impressions from the rest? There are many attractions in Montenegro, they are all different and each able to surprise in its own way.

Perhaps the visiting card of the country is the monastery Ostrog and the famous island of St. Stephen, which remain in photos from all tourists who visited Montenegro. Ostrog monastery, though not the most ancient, but the most beloved among travelers, as if “embedded” in the rock. It is here that the relics of St. W. Ostrozky are preserved, a truly sacred place for every Orthodox place.

St. Stephen's Island is a unique island-hotel, which in 1957 was transformed into a single hotel and today has become a true symbol of the country.You can find it in the village of Sveti Stefan, which is located 10 km from Budva. Be sure to go to the city of Herceg Novi, which is rightly called one of the most beautiful in Montenegro.

Herceg Novi is located on the hillside and rests against the bay, externally strongly resembles a medieval city with many narrow streets and passages. There is an ancient fortress, very beautiful and diverse vegetation, as well as very reasonable prices in stores.

What to buy as a souvenir? In the majority, objects of art and Orthodox subjects are brought from Montenegro, for example, icons, cups and so on. Also here you can buy a good wine, olive oil, oil from the monasteries, the same Ostrog, as well as various products from the vine, for example, all kinds of baskets and even furniture.

What else can you see here?

Go to Skadar Lake, which is called the cleanest and largest in the Balkans. It is there that a rare fish of the Karan is found, and also live pelicans. Here you will see a small complex of monasteries, most of which are open to visitors.

If you dream of being alone with nature,then pay attention to the canyon of the river Tara, which is the second longest in the whole world! If you are a fan of cold beauty, then look at the snow-capped peaks and glacial lakes with the purest water in the Durmitor National Park, by the way, here you will also find the famous Black Lake.

To admire the medieval buildings, as well as enjoy the abundance of historical monuments, you can go to Kotor, which is located on the shores of Boka-Kotor Bay. It will be useful to visit the national park of Montenegro, Biogradska Gora, which was founded in 1878 by King Nikola. It is there that you can see one of the few remaining virgin forests in Europe with their thousand-year-old trees.

It is possible to list the sights of Montenegro for a very long time, which is why many tourists, after their first trip to this country, return to it for a long time and a long time, because there really is something to see. Go to the world of unique nature, clean sea and amazing architecture, fill yourself with impressions for life!

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