Why leave the comfort zone

Psychologists call the comfort zone the habitual environment of a person. Day after day, he performs memorized actions, happens in similar circumstances, visits familiar places. It is believed that because of this routine, people begin to live on the machine, stop noticing the beauty of nature, do not dare to take advantage of the chances that fate gives, and do not realize their potential.
Coaches, as well as personal growth coaches, sometimes advise those who want to diversify their lives and learn about their own resources, more often to perform unusual acts that are completely alien to a given person. Thus, a person must challenge himself, overcome his fears and learn to cope with stress in unforeseen situations.
However, not all exercises that are proposed as exits from the comfort zone are appropriate. For example, what can give an appearance in people in pajamas or harassment of a stranger with a stupid question? Why, without a definite purpose, to force, by nature, a modest person to open up to a large audience? These examples are taken from real lessons.
It is implied that a person will first feel ill at ease, and then he will understand that nothing terrible has happened. There is one "but": the effect of such exercises will not be held for a long time. This experience is quickly forgotten, and human nature does not change in several situations. Moreover, it is impossible to prepare for all the threats of stress that exist in life.
You can get the benefit in view of the new information from the exercise to get out of the comfort zone, if it is performed without a hard extreme. For example, when learning something fundamentally new, a person is constantly expanding his boundaries, growing above himself and not feeling silly. This is a positive example of exit from the comfort zone. This also includes traveling, meeting new, interesting people under natural circumstances, and many other pleasant things.

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