Why spiritual growth is not worth looking for in instagram

When you read this, I want to say: “Gal. Galya-I-II! Spiritual growth has long been a brand. It just needs to be consumed to justify its existence. The amount of knowledge available to the average man in the street, a thousand times greater than the opportunity to actually come into contact with at least a grain of one of them. Your spiritual growth is an illusion and nonsense. In fact, nothing happens to you. It's just that your world has been filled with new chaotic experiences of the not-understand-what, which raise your status in the world of two-legs. Just as it brings up a new handbag from "Birkin" or the seventh iPhone. The positive effect of all this husk consists of only one thing: indirectly, it distracts you from the worthlessness of life.

Why spiritual growth is not worth looking for in instagram

But, Gal, you know perfectly well that after om-chatting and theta healing you will have to return to your uncleared Khrushchev, where you will be met by a disheveled boyfriend, who forgot what you look like, but he perfectly remembers all the nuances of the game in the World of Tanks And Clash of Clans.And in the morning your matted mother will call and take out your brain. So much so that from your balance will not remain a trace. Then you will still have to go to work and do some hated business there, in which you have not seen the point for a long time.

So the truth is that you have never been consistent in any business. You did not practice anything. All your life you just grabbed and threw it away. You may be lucky, and after many years of senseless flirting with spirituality, you want to practice real life. The first practice on this path can be any simple matter, like cleaning an apartment. When it starts to turn out stably, you can take on the look - hairdo, make-up ... You buy yourself normal panties and a bra. Let one, but expensive and stylish skirt. And when in your apartment there will be cleanliness, and in appearance there will be order, you will expel the unfortunate boyfriend from the apartment, zapulnuv him from the floor of his computer. And in the morning, when your pridroshnaya mother again tries to bring out your brain, so talk to her, that she herself will become your child. And will not give, and ask for advice. When you suddenly find yourself, with surprise, in the purity of your own world, do you want to practice sacral dances,theta healing and om-chatting? Will you need right-hand drawing or training in the disclosure of femininity?

I doubt it, Gal.

Most likely, you suddenly feel that you are head and shoulders above all those who invent spiritual brands and those who use them to distract from reality. Your simple spiritual practice will be every simple thing that is lucky to be endowed with a deep meaning. But you will come up with this idea yourself.

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