Why doesn't a girl write?

Galina Uneasy
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Why doesn't a girl write?

The girl does not write, does not respond to your calls. Some begin to think that something has happened, others - that this is the end of a relationship, that she just loves no one but herself, that she doesn�t care if something happens to me and much more.

Many people are familiar with this situation. But what if this happened to you? Are you really to blame? In fact, not always in the man's business. Seeing the common reasons why girls do this with their partners will help make sure of this. It should also be noted that the following applies not only to girls, but also to guys.

Causes of epistolary silence

No mobile phone

Why a girl does not write can be explained by the fact that she simply doesn�t have a mobile phone with her to let her lover know, warn that she will be late, will not come on the right day, etc. Men sometimes think in such situations that the main thing is to call , even using a regular phone.

Too much work

In our time, people are loaded with various tasks and responsibilities.Therefore, they sometimes have no time for the most expensive and beloved people. In such cases, men should be taken as the status quo and help their other half.

Just need attention

Why girls do not write first, can be explained by the fact that they just want a man to show attention to them, to be more sympathetic towards them. They want the initiative on some issues, including those related to heart matters, to also come from men.

Illusion of intrusiveness

Sometimes women think that they simply bore men with their frequent calls and petty personal problems and deeds. This may be, but not always. And in order not to think about all this and not to guess, it is enough just to talk about your existing problems honestly and frankly.

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