Word by letter “C”: new clip of the “Leningrad” group

The group "Leningrad" has posted a new video, and, unlike the last "hit" by Sergey Shnurov "Good morning, kids!", He is definitely not for children. The video titled "Tits" in just 4 hours has collected over 200,000 views in Instagram and about 400 comments - both laudatory and not so much. Fans of the group vied with each other to fall asleep Sergey Shnurov’s account with enthusiastic reviews (like “clip - fire” and “song - masterpiece”), and some are even ready to “sing in the car on the way home to relieve stress”. Of course, the group’s accusation of immorality didn’t do without criticism, mainly due to the appearance of the future mommy in the video, who does not part with a bottle of alcohol (“It’s not very pleasant to watch a pregnant woman drink and smoke”).

Well, we do not recall that the work of "Leningrad" was characterized by special censorship, so we recommend not hurrying to blame the group for all sins and propaganda for obscene behavior. Let's just watch the video and decide whether to upload the song to your playlist for the weekend or not.

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